The yellow fever epidemic of 1853

Praise for Yellow Jack


 “Yellow Jack is a fast-paced, page-turning epic which transports the reader back and forth between the politically corrupted, Yellow Fever-scourged city of New Orleans during the 1850's and the Crescent City's post-Katrina existence, showing the deep connections between the two eras and how some things never change, they only go in cycles.

Not since "Confederacy of Dunces" have I read such authentic New Orleans characters, dialogue, and story-line. A triumph for Rene Uzee!”

——Shane LeCocq    SAG Actor/Director

 “With a keen eye for detail, RenО Uzee’s “Yellow Jack” transports the reader back in Time. It’s a trip worth taking, and one you may never forget.”

——Rick Domeier   QVC Senior Program Host, Author of “Can I Get a Do Over”

“René Uzee does a masterful job of painting a picture with words. His characters come

 alive on the pages.  Like a time machine, Yellow Jack transports you to the historical Louisiana and keeps you there.”

——Max Davis   Author of “When Jesus Was A Green-Eyed Brunette” and “Dead Dog Like Me”