“Yellow Jack is a fast-paced, page-turning epic which transports the reader back and forth between the politically corrupted, Yellow Fever-scourged city of New Orleans during the 1850's and the Crescent City's post-Katrina existence, showing the deep connections between the two eras and how some things never change, they only go in cycles. 

Not since “Confederacy of Dunces” have I read such authentic New Orleans characters, dialogue, and story-line. A triumph for Rene Uzee!”

—Shane LeCocq
 SAG Actor/Director 

“With a keen eye for detail, René Uzee’s “Yellow Jack” transports the reader back in Time. It’s a trip worth taking, and one you may never forget.”

—Rick Domeier

  QVC Senior Program Host, Author of 

“Can I Get a Do Over” 

“René Uzee does a masterful job of painting a picture with words. His characters come alive on the pages. Like a time machine, Yellow Jack transports you to the historical Louisiana and keeps you there.”

—Max Davis
 Author of “When Jesus Was A Green-Eyed Brunette” and “Dead Dog Like Me”

"Yellow Jack is a treasure of a novel. Meticulously researched, then masterfully created from cover to cover and throughout by this powerful writer. René Uzee is quite possibly the next great literary star. But, what matters most is this novel takes the reader on an enjoyable and satisfying adventure into the history of New Orleans!"

—Larry Koenig, Ph.D.
 Best Selling Author of “Smart Discipline (for Parents)”

"René Francis Uzee spent a lifetime making people beautiful and seventeen years creating an imaginative glimpse of a historic era in Louisiana. A flash-back to the yellow fever epidemic then forward to New Orleans and it’s envisions with glamour and adventure. I can’t wait for the movie."

—David Norwood
 Illustrator, Has Served as a Pulitzer Prize Judge for Editorial Cartoons

"A truly delightful read! Rich in Louisiana history and culture. I couldn’t wait to turn to the next page. Surpassed all of my expectations!"

—Barbara Merritt

Wife, mother, grandmother

"René Uzee weaves an intriguing story from historical New Orleans to modern day New York. His mesmerizing characters and colorful descriptions will transport you to the despair of yellow fever in the 1800’s to the beauty and culture of living in Uptown New Orleans I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for his next novel."

—Peggy Sweeney-McDonald
 Author of Meanwhile, Back at Café Du Monde…

"When I began reading Yellow Jack, I clearly visualized the Author telling me about his story. As I continued, the storyteller went away, then I became enthralled as I was taken to another time and place. The book is creatively written, with superlatives and dialects that take you back in time. The extensive research, including historical references depicted by Mr. Uzee gave this reader a glimpse into a sensitive time in our nation’s history as seen through the eyes of the people that lived and often perished through those dreadful experiences. I couldn’t put the book down. Thanks, Rene’ for such a memorable story!"  

—Mark Anders
 Hospital Administrator

"Rene’ Uzee’ artistic writing is Mesmerizing! His effort spent researching every aspect of “Yellow Jack” and its siege on the city of New Orleans, entrenches the reader to a time that need be remembered. This novel is a work of art that is recognized throughout this page-turner. Although I would love to see a coffee table version of Yellow Jack, this novel is certain to grace the big screen, or perhaps as a documentary."

—Pamela A. Castel-Delatorre

Comptroller - Group Insurance Company 

"Mr. Uzee has done a marvelous job detailing one of the more dreadful times in New Orleans history. His contribution to the literary world is truly phenomenal! This journey, Yellow Jack, is a tale of political corruption and greed, then seamlessly, your feeling compassion for the citizens of New Orleans throughout their struggles. I look forward to the next literary masterpiece by this omniscient writer." 

—Jerry Tomlinson
 President/CEO – Twenty First Services, LLC

"Superb! Rene’ Uzee offers a crystal clear glimpse into a forgotten era of an advanced state of dissolution, then, to the modern day southern hospitality of New Orleans, all the while tapping into characters that will be long remembered."

—Henry Watson Jr.
 President – Screening Systems International

“YELLOW JACK” is a powerful and dynamic PAGE TURNER! Being a dear friend of René Uzee, I witnessed first hand, the hours, days, months and years of research and writing that he put into this EPIC story. His writing technique is extremely captivating and detailed, waking up ALL of your senses. I felt my presence in every scene like I was an extra in the movie, YELLOW JACK. I’m native to New Orleans, and this novel awakened some of my fondest childhood memories. A truly Dynamic Masterpiece!"

—Maryann Miller
 Wife, Mother, Grandmother

"Rene' Uzee capture the essence and intrigue of South Louisiana in his book, "Yellow Jack." He weaves a tale effortlessly between generations showing remarkable finesse. His book is a must read for anyone who loves history, medicine and especially the great state of Louisiana."

Chris Russo Blackwood

Author of My Brother's Keeper

"Rene' Uzee's new book, Yellow Jack took me back to 1800s New Orleans, fully immersing me in the center of this thriving city. I felt like a time traveller standing among the beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman listening to the Mayoral debate of 1855. I could hear the crowd chattering in their native dialects, and, the delicious smells wafting from nearby restaurants, making me hungry.

The story drew me in and I couldn't put Yellow Jack down until the last page.

Rene' Uzee is an incredibly, masterful story teller!"  

-Cindy Henkelmann

Wife, mother, grandmother, world traveller, retired Medical technologist.