Mr. Uzee will be interviewed by one of Baton Rouge's premiere Magazines, City Social. Rene' will be telling us: what inspired him to write about Yellow Fever, how he developed his characters, and his writing process.

The full interview will be featured in the June-July issue of City Social Magazine.

Excerpts from the interview can be viewed here at, on June 1st. 

APRIL 28 / 29, 2018 - BATON ROUGE

Tune in to 107.3, with Baton Rouge radio host, Betsy Otken Barnes, She will be interviewing New Orleans native, now Baton Rouge resident and Author, Rene' Uzee, Saturday April, 28 at 3pm, then the rebroadcast on Sunday, April 29 at 4pm. Mr. Uzee will be discussing his novel, "Yellow Jack" - New Orleans History Revisited - The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1853. 

One of his early readers noted:

"Rene' Uzee weaves an intriguing story from historical New Orleans to modern day New York. His mesmerizing characters and colorful descriptions will transport you to the despair of yellow fever in the 1800s to the beauty and culture of living in Uptown New Orleans. I couldn't put it down and can't wait for his next novel."

____Peggy Sweeney-McDonald

           Author of, "Meanwhile, Back at Cafe' Du Monde".



Radio interview(s), TBA.


JUNE 20, 2018 - LAFAYETTE, LA.

Tune in to Lafayette's own, "Louisiana Heartbeats", Wednesday, June 20th, with television host, novelist and playwright, Dennis Ward, Wednesday June 20th. He will be interviewing New Orleans native, Rene' Uzee, who will be discussing his breakout novel, "Yellow Jack" - New Orleans History Revisited - The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1853.

Mr. Uzee's epic story begins in the mid-eighteen hundreds, where greed and power become far more important than the health and safety of the city's populace. Then, in 2007, intense court proceedings begin, revealing: secret meetings, negligence, political corruption and more.

Airing dates and times will soon be announced. STAY TUNED!

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