The yellow fever epidemic of 1853




René Uzee is a walking, talking, breathing miracle. To look at him you wouldn’t know it. Neither would you come to that conclusion by having a casual conversation with him. By all appearances he’s just a regular, though very neat, guy. A renaissance man, if you will.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina flooded both the dream home he had designed and his salon with a combined total of 23 feet of water. Having evacuated to Baton Rouge one day before the hurricane made landfall, he decided to remain there, and to re-establish both his life and Forum Salon despite being burdened with both a diagnosis lupus and leukemia.

Yellow Jack is truly a treasure of a book that was meticulously researched and masterfully created by this powerful writer. René Uzee is quite possibly the next great literary star. As a dear friend of his had said many times, “René, you’ve rewritten New Orleans’s history!”

René Uzee is a native of New Orleans. He now resides in a small town with his wife Brenda, tucked away in the woods north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.